Classless Weeks of MayDay

Luokaton Wiikon Wappu

Metropolia's WappuWiikko, this year known as Weeks of MayDay, is coming – are you ready?

Let there be spring, let there be Wappu! It will arrive again, as surely as algae in the Baltic Sea during summer heat. We will celebrate Weeks of MayDay for one week (7 daysssss…) exactly, starting 24.4.2013. As classless as our theme might this year be, Weeks of MayDay still offers you a great variety of merry events. And while all roads lead to Oz, these events prepare you for the most wonderful, most waited and most classless day ever: The Main Event in Kaisaniemi.

Official website along with registration can be found here:

Facebook Event:

Classless Weeks of MayDay, schedule:
wed 24.4.:
- Coming together: 16:00 Hietaniemen uimaranta

thu 25.4.:
- FriSday (MeMO & Labra): 17:00 Bulevard Campus' Restaurant
- Pre Wappu party (with Talko ry): 22:00 Apollo Live Club

fri 26.4.:
- The Distinguished Outdoor Wine Tasting Extravaganza (Demoni): 16:00 Vanhan kirkon puisto (Ruttopuisto)
- MayDay Masquerade (Demoni): 20:00 Amarillo Helsinki

sat 27.4.:
- Crystal Forest (HTO): 14:00 Laakson kenttä
- Kaadot! after party (Trombi): 20:00 DOM Helsinki Discotheque

sun 28.4.:
- Morning after pizzas (UIO): klo 12:00 Sibeliuksen Puisto

mon 29.4.:
- The Second Coming (LEPO): 16:00 Musiikkitalon Puisto

tue 30.4.:
- Main event in the Kaisaniemi park: 12:00pm Kaisaniemen puisto
Wappu’s own release of Bulkki will see daylight before the start of the week. Additional information regarding each day’s events is yet to be announced, be patient! The ones responsible for the Weeks of MayDay are as follows: Demoni ry, HTO ry, Labra ry, LePO ry, MeMO ry, Soffa ry, Trombi ry and UIO ry. Contact them for more information.

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