Aatu Pulkkinen

Vice Chair, ICT and Member register

Greetings everyone!
In these following pictures and text you can get to know me, Aatu Pulkkinen a little bit. I’m the second vice-chair for this year, but I’m also in charge of the ICT and the membership register. Like Lilli, I’m also a 3rd year student in ICT, with my major being software engineering.
I already have a year of previous experience in student associations, since last year I was a board member of KaMA, where I was responsible for the communications. I also have somewhat similar experience from HOAS tenant committee, where I was the chairperson and the treasurer (shoutout to Kilo-HOAS)! I’ve also been peer-tutoring for three groups of freshmen now and have also started exchange tutoring in January.
Well, what about the rest of my free time? Well, my hobbies include some IT-related stuff, reading (but not too often), going to the gym when they’re open and a sprinkle of gaming. I also golf during the summer! I could also add being a somewhat hipster when it comes to coffee and beer.
For this coming year I’m looking forward to do some amazing work with my fellow board members, possible ict-disasters and getting to meet my fellow students!




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