Valurauta 2018

Valurauta comes back greater than ever before! Valurauta is again coming on 14th of March 2018 to fight against the winter depression with ironic grips and we invite you to join our combat troops!

During the evening, there will be three bands on the stage where the flop will not end! So grab your friends and come and enjoy the great live music with us! You don't want to miss this!

On Stage:
What: Valurauta
Date: 14th of March 2018, 9pm →
Location: The Circus, Salomonkatu 1–3, 00100 Helsinki
Tickets: In advance 5€, from the door 10€ (Ticket doesn't include the cloackroom fee, so please take 3€ with you)

valurauta 2018


Tursajaiset K18 / Lost your MeMOry

HTO ry is organizining Tursajaiset (Octoment in English) 15th of February 2018 from 4pm to 8pm for the first-year technology students but any other students are also welcome. So it's time to face Helsinki like the real Octomen does!

You'll be facing an adventure wandering in the streets of Helsinki. While finding your way through various bars and pubs, you will also familiarize yourself with the Octomen traditions. Your adventure will be filled with challenges and new awesome people. So gather your friends and co-students and form an Octomen party of 2-4 people.

Tursajaiset is free for everyone participating excluding drinks you buy from the bar! More information about the event and registration will be at:

tursas k18

Afterparty is held by MeMO ry at Lost your MeMOry -party!
Facebook event:
Theme: Mexico

lym 18


Esileikki K18

HTO ry presents the traditional, the most amazing and the dirtiest Esileikki party on the 1st of February at Club Capital.

Naturally, the theme of the party is "a little naughty tropically" and the best costume of the night will be awarded! There will also be more (in)appropriate competitions that suit the theme of the party.

What: Esileikki party
Where: Club Capital
When: 1st of February 2018 9pm onwards
Why: Because we can!
Dresscode: Little bit naughty, tropically, and/or overalls or just like you want
Price: 2€ in advance and e-tickets from 2€, from the door 5€ (Ticket doesn't include the cloackroom fee, so please take 3€ with you)

Tickets are available (as long as we have them) from:

esileikki k18


Tammi-/Helmikuun tapahtumia

HTO ry on lomansa lomaillut ja työstää tulevaa vuotta kovalla vauhdilla. Me olemme valmiita, mutta oletko sinä?

Saatamme päivittää listaa tarvittaessa.


The Board of 2018

The Board of 2018 was chosen! Unfortunately, two are missing from the image, but we will update picture when we all get together in one place. This time the size of the board is chairperson + 8 memberd of the board . Congratulations to the selected!

Chairperson: Mikko Pietikäinen

Members of the board:

  • Jenna Lindroos
  • Aleksi Pukonen
  • Ville Mikkonen
  • Juulia Ahvenniemi
  • Eero Tukeva
  • Ville Sutinen
  • Minna Juuma
  • Joonas Hoffrén

hallitus 2018


Futurice excursio tieto- ja viestintätekniikan opiskelijoille

Nyt sinulla olisi oiva tilaisuus päästä tutustumaan oman alan työnantajan toimintaan.

Tässä pientä briiffiä englanniksi:

Futurice is a lean service creation company. This means software development, design, and business advisory under one roof. We work with many major Finnish and European companies, and there's a good chance that you've already used today some of our the products we have built together with our customers. Join the excu to hear more about the services and opportunities Futurice offers. We serve you with information, food, and beverages!
Mitä: Excursio
Missä: Annankatu 34 B, 8. kerros, 00100 Helsinki
Milloin: 7.11.2017 klo 16.45-23.00

Facebook eventti:



KOKOUSKUTSU 22.10.2017

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat – HTO ry:n jäsenet


HTO ry:n syyskokous pidetään torstaina 9.11.2017 klo 17:00 alkaen päärakennuksen Kollegiosalissa, Bulevardi 31.

Kokouksessa käsitellään mm.
- Yhdistyksen sääntömuutos
- Liittymis- ja jäsenmaksut 2018
- Toimintasuunnitelma 2018
- Talousarvio 2018
- Toiminnantarkastajat vuodelle 2018
- Yhdistyksen puheenjohtajan valinta 2018
- Yhdistyksen hallituksen valinta 2018

Kokoukseen ovat tervetulleita Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun tekniikan ja liikenteen henkilökunta ja opiskelijat.

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat - HTO ry:n hallitus Helsingissä 22.10.2017

Mikko Pietikäinen



DISCLAIMER: Long Johns/ Leggings' are mandatory for this to be a true long John -partü experience!

HTO is bringing back Long Johns -party! This time we'll have three psy-trance artists from Finland playing tunes during the whole event. The venue is small and full of atmosphere, so if trance is your cup of tea, you don't want to miss this!

New Thoughts From The North - Routa
Frezac - Electrik Alliance
Lunar State
What: Long Johns -party
Where: Anniskeluravintola Eerikinkatu 11
Why: Because you haven't experienced anything like this
Dresscode: Long johns/Leggins' and Neon/Psychedelic

Facebook event is here



Yhdistyksen toinen ylimääräinen kokous

KOKOUSKUTSU 18.10.2017

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat – HTO ry:n jäsenet


HTO ry:n ylimääräinen kokous pidetään keskiviikkona 18.10.2017 klo 17:00 alkaen Kollegiosalissa, joka sijaitsee päärakennuksen kolmannessa kerroksessa, Bulevardi 31.

Kokouksessa käsitellään yhdistyksen sääntömuutoksen hyväksyminen PRHn tarkastuksen jälkeen korjauksin sekä toinen lisätalousarvio hallituskaudelle 2017.

Kokoukseen ovat tervetulleita Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun tekniikan ja liikenteen henkilökunta ja opiskelijat.

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat - HTO ry:n hallitus
Helsingissä 3.10.2017

Mikko Pietikäinen



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