Stadin Suuri Hässäkkä 2017

It's time for the traditional Stadin Suuri Hässäkkä where your urban navigation skills are put to the test!

Stadin Suuri Hässäkkä is a sport event organized by HTO and O'Diako where you move around the city of Helsinki in a team of two solving tasks and clues in order to continue. The fastest team will be rewarded!

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

NB! The event is alcohol-free!

How much does it cost?
- 8 € / 12 € per person when the team's participation fee is determined as follows:
- 16 € (both team members have a student card)
- 20 € (one of the team members has a student card)
- 24 € (neither team member has a student card)
How to participate?
Buy a ticket for your team on Student card must be shown at the start.
What to take with me?
- HSL travel card / day ticket (Helsinki area)
- Clothing according to weather
- Good shoes
- Water and snacks if needed
- Smart phone

See you in Hässäkkä!


Time: 23.9.2017 klo 09.00-17.00
Place: Kansalaistori, Alvar Aallon kuja 2, 00100 Helsinki

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