ABC Party - Anything But Clothes!

Okay guys, it's happening! Great minds think alike, so Atkins and HTO are co-hostin The A.B.C-party!

Have you ever stood in your apartment and thought: "What should i wear tonight?" Well this time it isn't the old 'n' reliable top, because the theme of this night is A.B.C - Anything But Clothes! No, it doesn't mean you're supposed to wear only coasters on your nips, but to use the cleverness and humour that's characteristic for us students! Appear in a cardboard box or make a poncho out of your grannys old rug!

Where: Ravintola Maxine
When: 29.3.2017 klo 21.00 →
Cost: For the members of the hosting associations AND ESN Metropolia 3€, others 4€ and from the door 5€
How: (Overalls optional) + A.B.C. If you just can't make up a costume, wear your coveralls all the way up.
Tickets offered by:
HTO ry
Atkins Ry
MeMO ry
More TBA

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ABC Party 2017


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