Metropolian Wiikon Wappu 2016

Has the summer arrived in the middle of the winter? Nah, it's just the Spring trying to push through but tomorrow it's going to snow more for sure. But while it lasts and the terraces are warm, it's best to start celebrating May Day well ahead. Metropolia's Wiikon Wappu is just the thing!

Read more below or from the Facebook event and sign up for the party:

VBrace yourselves, Vappu (Mayday) is coming! METKA and the student associations organizes together the 9-days lasting Wappu spectacle!

Wiikon Wappu begins by METKA’s coverall badge sewing where you can collect your own Wappu-pass and get an easy start to the Wappu week by sewing some badges with good company and sitting down loose. Wappu continues with different and super awesome events during the week. The Wappu will culminate to the main event in Kaisaniemi!

You don’t want to miss the adventure and the quest for METKA’s Wappu badge, don’t you? Return your Wappu-pass to the main event with at least 7 stamps out of 8 to obtain the most envied Wappu badge!

Wappu-pass costs 9 € without and 14 € with pizza in Darrapizzi event by UIO. Tikkurila Pub crawl costs 5€ (inc. overall patch).

Facebook event:


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