Lost Your MeMOry Goes Wild West

Lost Your MeMOry Goes Wild West

TDo you wanna party with the handsome sheriffs, naughty outlaws or wild indians? Wanna escape from the cold winter and travel in the middle of hot prairie?

Welcome to MeMO ry's Lost Your MeMOry party in the Wild West. It's going to be a wild evening! There will be competitions and the winners will be rewarded. Party badge is given for the fastest comers, so better be on time! ;)

Dresscode? Overalls/Wild West
What? Lost Your MeMOry party
Where? The Tiger, Wild West
When? Thursday 18.2.2015
At the time of? 21 o'clock

Tickets are avaialble at the HTO ry's office and at Bailataan.fi as a e-ticket!

Facebook Event:

This Event is the official after party for HTO's Tursajaiset (Octoment)!


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