The board of 2016 has organized

Hei rakkaat tontut! Bästa passagerare! Dear passengers!

Our dear Ministry of Love has organized and the board is as follows:

  • Mikko Haapanen: Chairman
  • Janne Summanen: Vice Chairman, Master of Coin
  • Veli-Matti Wirta: Vice Chairman
  • Suvi Savilaakso: Secretary, Clubs, Flag Guardian
  • Larri Myllymäki: Excursions, Overalls
  • Helmi Hämeri: Student Advocate, Tutoring
  • Raimo Veijalainen: Parties and Culture, Flag Guardian
  • Tero Hakala: Sports, Internationality, Parties and Culture
  • Mikko Pietikäinen: Sports, Parties and Culture, Toru-responsible
  • Toni Kaija: Member Registry, ICT and Spokesman
  • Reetta Julkunen: Megoras, Sitsi Responsible (aka. Sitsiqing)

We wish all the best for the board of 2016!


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