Interdisciplinary overall patch sewing event

Our Ministry of Love have heard some news about overall patch sewing event which will be held on the 13th of October from 6 p.m. onwards at Cafe Mascot (Neljäs linja 2, Helsinki).

Hey students!

The new academic year has begun and a huge pile of new overall badges is just waiting to be sewed in the corner... Get your problem solved here!

When? Where?
Tuesday 13.10.2015 from 18.00 onwards at Cafe Mascot (Neljäs linja 2, Helsinki).

Facebook Event:

You can sew yourself or ask a friend to sew for you, either way, here it can be done in great company!

Please bring your overalls, overall badges and sewing supplies! There will be also for sale overall badges!

Be there!


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