METKA's Wappu 2015

Government's Truth Commission announces:

This year METKA and the student associations are organizing a supermega awesome METKA's Wappu together! We will celebrate Wappu (Mayday) for nine (yes, NINE!) days!

Wappu starts 23.4, when METKA organizes a Merkkifestari / Badgefestival. Be there, sew your badges to your overall and buy some new to make you look more like a plausible student!

After Merkkifestari there will be a fun event every day. Wappu culminates 30.4 in Wappu's main event in Kaisaniemi.

But hey, Wappu doesn't end there. We all will meet at Ullanlinna 1.5 because, well, it's the place to be on MayDay!

The WappuMission:
Participate all seven WappuWiikko events. Each event is worth one stamp to your WappuPass. Bring your WappuPass with 7 stamps to Wappu’s main event at Kaisaniemi basketball field where you get the WappuGuru -overall badge as trophy for the incredible performance. All events begin between 16-19 o’clock (except Saturday and Sunday).

WappuPass costs 5€ (without a pizza) or 10€ (if you order a pizza for UIO:s DarraPizzit -event in advance).

Official website and the registration::
The program will update here next week and the registration form for Wappu will be opened 14.4, so stay tuned! Distribution of WappuPasses takes place on the first day of the week on 23.4. Merkkifestari event.


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