HTO ry's Anniversary

Welcome to HTO ry's Anniversary to Hammaslääketieteenkandidaattiseura ry's place 27.5.2017. During the evening we will serve you a three courses supper with drinks and good company. We will raise a first toast 17.00 o'clock so we wish you will arrive on time.

Where: Haapaniemenkatu 14, 00530 Helsinki
When: 27.5.2017 klo 16.30 →
Dress Code: Evening Dress
Price: 30€

Enrol yourself in this link → We have limited spots.

Facebook Event is here


HTO Cruising Vol.1

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat - HTO ry is organizing free of charge Cruising evening on Sunday 21.5.2017, which is a great opportunity to get present your loved vehicles or your dads BMW! Route goes Vuosaari-Porvoo-Järvenpää-Kaivopuisto and of the link below you can examine it more properly:

The Event is alcohol-free, and you must follow traffic code, common sense and rules of driving in single file.

Notice that limit of four-wheel vehicles is 20 sections. Attendees are picked by enrol order. Enrol from the link below.

Facebook Event is here.



METKA's Week of MayDay 2017

Wappu is here again, and here is some foretaste of coming events. Click events name, and you get in facebook event where is more information about it!

Whole week culminates to the main event in Kaisaniemi (30.4.) and to MayDay picnic in Kaivopuisto (1.5.). Both days have awesome program, food, drinks, music and great company. MayDay picnic is organized in cooperation with Helga, Laureamko and

More Information: METKAn Wiikon Wappu 2017

Vappupass price: METKAs members 6€ and others 9€


Wappu Weeks Events:

METKA's Week of MayDay 2017


HTO ry:n merkkiompelu hetki

HTO ry is arranging badge sewing event in Bulevardi Megora. We offer some snacks and drinking for sewers. Come to hang out with us and agonize with needle and yarn. If you don’t have any badges or overalls we sell some! Welcome!

The event is free.

Where: Bulevardi 31, 00100 Helsinki, Megora
When: 19.4.2017 klo: 16.00 →
For who: To all students

Facebook event from this link.



Statutory spring meeting


Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat – HTO ry members


HTO ry statutory spring meeting will be held on Tuesday 11.4.2017 starting from 18.00 in Kollegiosali at Bulevardi 31.

Matters to be discussed in the meeting are the ones outlined in the association's rules for statutory spring meeting, granting discharge of responsibility for the board of 2016, supplementary budget proposal, association's property ownerships, and changes to the association's rules and by-laws. The meeting is open to all students of Technology and Communication in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

The board's proposal for the new association's rules are available at the HTO ry's office and on the association's website at (in Finnish) from 23.3.2017, 12:00 o'clock.

Please note, that the meeting will primarily be held in Finnish.

Board of Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat - HTO ry
In Helsinki 22.3.2017


ABC Party - Anything But Clothes!

Okay guys, it's happening! Great minds think alike, so Atkins and HTO are co-hostin The A.B.C-party!

Have you ever stood in your apartment and thought: "What should i wear tonight?" Well this time it isn't the old 'n' reliable top, because the theme of this night is A.B.C - Anything But Clothes! No, it doesn't mean you're supposed to wear only coasters on your nips, but to use the cleverness and humour that's characteristic for us students! Appear in a cardboard box or make a poncho out of your grannys old rug!

Where: Ravintola Maxine
When: 29.3.2017 klo 21.00 →
Cost: For the members of the hosting associations AND ESN Metropolia 3€, others 4€ and from the door 5€
How: (Overalls optional) + A.B.C. If you just can't make up a costume, wear your coveralls all the way up.
Tickets offered by:
HTO ry
Atkins Ry
MeMO ry
More TBA

Facebook Event

ABC Party 2017


Valurauta 2017

Are you tired of all the club music and want something heavier? The answer to your problem is Valurauta at Bar Bäkkäri! Valurauta is an event for all you metal loving people with three awesome live bands playing. So come and drink some beer and enjoy live metal music.

On stage:
Dead End Scene
Where: Bar Bäkkäri
When: 16.3.2017 klo 21.00 →
Cost: In advance 4€ and 5€ from the door. E-tickets from 4.5€

Tickets are awailable from!/events/505ccef4-1818-429e-90cc-fafdc03ea5ed

Facebook event link is here.

You can listen performers music: Kleptocracy, Keoma ja Dead End Scene

Valurauta 2017



You don't sleep in September, when the LiskoDisco overtakes Club Capital. The event is also the afterparty for HTO's freshmen event Tursajaiset (Octoment).

It's going to be a wild evening! There will be competitions and the winners will be rewarded.

What? LiskoDisco
Where? Club Capitalissa
When? Thursday 22nd of September from 9 p.m. onwards
Dresscode? Student overalls

Ticket prices are 3€ in advance and 5€ from the door.

You can also by a mobile ticket from!/events/088f8f96-2058-4611-8e99-f54720b828ea

LiskoDisco -juliste


Esileikki 31.8.2016

The Department of National Well-being announces:
HTO ry presents the traditional, the most amazing and the dirtiest Esileikki party on the 31st of August at Club Capital.

Naturally, the theme of the party is "a little naughty" and the best costume of the night will be awarded! There will also be more (in)appropriate competitions that suit the theme of the party.

What: Esileikki
Where: Club Capital
When: 31st of August at 9 p.m.
Why: because we can
Dresscode: little bit naughty and/or overalls or just like you want
Cost: 2€ in advance and 4€ from the door (prices does not include cloakroom fee). E-tickets from costs 2.5€.

Tickets are available (as long as we have them) from:
- HTO ry (Bulevardi)

E-tickets are available at:!/events/447b1d0c-d35e-4f73-aae4-8c106e0c8896


Metropolian Wiikon Wappu 2016

Has the summer arrived in the middle of the winter? Nah, it's just the Spring trying to push through but tomorrow it's going to snow more for sure. But while it lasts and the terraces are warm, it's best to start celebrating May Day well ahead. Metropolia's Wiikon Wappu is just the thing!

Read more below or from the Facebook event and sign up for the party:

VBrace yourselves, Vappu (Mayday) is coming! METKA and the student associations organizes together the 9-days lasting Wappu spectacle!

Wiikon Wappu begins by METKA’s coverall badge sewing where you can collect your own Wappu-pass and get an easy start to the Wappu week by sewing some badges with good company and sitting down loose. Wappu continues with different and super awesome events during the week. The Wappu will culminate to the main event in Kaisaniemi!

You don’t want to miss the adventure and the quest for METKA’s Wappu badge, don’t you? Return your Wappu-pass to the main event with at least 7 stamps out of 8 to obtain the most envied Wappu badge!

Wappu-pass costs 9 € without and 14 € with pizza in Darrapizzi event by UIO. Tikkurila Pub crawl costs 5€ (inc. overall patch).

Facebook event:



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