The Board 2018

Contact information:

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat - HTO ry
Leiritie 1, 01600 VANTAA
Room MMA128.1

You can contact each member of the board by using firstname.lastname {at}
You can reach the whole board by sending email at hallitus {at}
To reach all members of a specific responsibility, you may use the email address of that responsiblity:

  • Student Advocate: edunvalvonta {at}
  • Excursions: excursiot {at}
  • Student Overalls: haalarit {at}
  • Member Registry: jasenrekisteri {at}
  • Student Clubs: kerhot {at}
  • Student Culture: kulttuuri {at}
  • Sports: liikunta {at}
  • The Chairpersons: puheenjohtaja {at}
  • Treasurer: rahastonhoitaja {at}
  • Event Coordination: tapahtumat {at}
  • Communications: tiedotus {at}
  • Tutoring: tutorointi {at}
  • ICT and administration: yllapito {at}

IRC-Channel: #HTO @ IRCNet
Facebook: HT0ry
Instagram: @hto_ry #htory

The Board 2019

kuva: Jenna Lindroos

Jenna Lindroos


kuva: Heidi Mannila

Heidi Mannila


kuva: Eero Tukeva

Eero Tukeva

Vice Chairperson, excursions and internationality responsible

kuva: Aaro Yli-Öyrä

Aaro Yli-Öyrä

Vice Chairperson, event coordinator and communications

kuva: Otto Liukkonen

Otto Liukkonen

Secretary and event coordinator

kuva: Janne Nuolioja

Janne Nuolioja

Student Advocate, head tutor, communications, and Megora contact person in Leppävaara

kuva: Ida Korpisalo

Ida Korpisalo

Student Advocate, head tutor, student overalls, Megora contact person in Myyrmäki, and Nyyti ry contact person

kuva: Ville Sutinen

Ville Sutinen

ICT representative, member register and Toru contact person

kuva: Minna Juuma

Minna Juuma

Graphic designer and student overalls

kuva: Nea Alanen

Nea Alanen

Sports, flag guardian and student culture

kuva: Juulia

Juulia Ahvenniemi

Student culture