Kesäheila Kaivolta 20.5.2015


DRESSCODE: Summer/Coveralls

HELGA, Laureamko and METKA present the ultimate party where you can find your summerlove! The party takes place at Kaivohuone.

Price for members is 4 €, for non-members 6 € and 8 € at the door.

The party starts at 21.00 and for the first ones we will give a unique Kesäheila Kaivolta coverall patch and a bracelet with what you can announce your relationship status. We will also organize speeddating in which you can meet suitable bachelors and bacholerettes!

Tickets are sold by and M-Piste.


Esileikki Syksy/Autumn 2015

Sure fire sign of Autumn, after a long, cold summer; is the traditional Esileikki, organized in co-operation by HTO ry and TXO ry!

The event is taking place at almost familiar place of Club Capital (sorry Tiger, we decided to go after some bread and circuses.)

The dresscode is "pikkutuhma" (a bit naughty) ("le hlaarit" overalls OK), do remember that the best costume of the night will be rewarded!

Tickets are 2€ in advance or 4€ from the door, these tickets tend to to like hot cakes so get yours in advance. Tickets are available from at least following places: HTO (Bulevardi)

Facebook event: Esileikki


Le Hlaararen have arrived!

Hello you sillykuns! The paketuncle brought us a nice pile of boxes, in which we found the master designer le Hlaarari's Kinder-line!
We still need some time to go through them, so those who preordered their overalls can come pick them up on Monday (20th of April) from approximately 11 o'clock onwards.


METKA's Wappu 2015

Government's Truth Commission announces:

This year METKA and the student associations are organizing a supermega awesome METKA's Wappu together! We will celebrate Wappu (Mayday) for nine (yes, NINE!) days!

Wappu starts 23.4, when METKA organizes a Merkkifestari / Badgefestival. Be there, sew your badges to your overall and buy some new to make you look more like a plausible student!

After Merkkifestari there will be a fun event every day. Wappu culminates 30.4 in Wappu's main event in Kaisaniemi.

But hey, Wappu doesn't end there. We all will meet at Ullanlinna 1.5 because, well, it's the place to be on MayDay!

The WappuMission:
Participate all seven WappuWiikko events. Each event is worth one stamp to your WappuPass. Bring your WappuPass with 7 stamps to Wappu’s main event at Kaisaniemi basketball field where you get the WappuGuru -overall badge as trophy for the incredible performance. All events begin between 16-19 o’clock (except Saturday and Sunday).

WappuPass costs 5€ (without a pizza) or 10€ (if you order a pizza for UIO:s DarraPizzit -event in advance).

Official website and the registration::
The program will update here next week and the registration form for Wappu will be opened 14.4, so stay tuned! Distribution of WappuPasses takes place on the first day of the week on 23.4. Merkkifestari event.


Veek's Wappu: Stories from the Trollvalley

Get ready for the psychedelic adventure in the Trollvalley. This is the event you're going to tell stories about till the end of your days!

Explore the wonderful life of the Trollvalley and make your own story about the adventure. You're going to meet mysterious creatures, face different obstacles and solve a variety of riddles during your journey. Collect all the hints and get through the adventure!

The event is part of METKA's Wappu happening:

Official Website and enrollment:

More information coming soon!


Yhdistyksen kevätkokous


Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat – HTO ry:n jäsenet


HTO ry:n sääntömääräinen kevätkokous pidetään tiistaina 14.4.2015 klo 18.00 alkaen auditoriossa P228, Bulevardi 31.

Kokouksessa käsitellään yhdistyksen säännöissä kevätkokoukselle määrätyt asiat, tili- ja vastuuvapauden myöntäminen vuoden 2013 hallitukselle sekä lisätalousarvio vuodelle 2015. Kokoukseen ovat tervetulleita Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun Tekniikan ja liikenteen henkilökunta ja opiskelijat.

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat - HTO ry:n hallitus
Helsingissä 31.3.2015


METKA Gaala 2015


Hello you lovely little elves, the National Truth Commission announces:

It is that time of the year to present the honorary medals, select this year's student active and vote for the most ann...err, the best student organization in Metropolia. We would wish that you would cast your votes for yours truly to be the student organization of the year!

Vote here


Overalls can still be ordered

Harashoo, The State's Information Office announces:
Hello you lovely sillykuns, our Great Leader wants to make known that: the Hlaararen (overalls) can be ordered until 13th of February, after which, we will send the payment instructions for the overalls. The price is 30€ for IOL members, 40€ for non-members.

We will gladly accept your orders at our office while it is open. If you are not yet IOL member, you may sign up for it as you order the overalls. Members of IOL who don't yet have their card may say so during the order and will receive the 10 euro difference by showing their membership card at the office.


Tursajaiset 2015 spring

The Propaganda Department of our Beloved Leader announces:
It's again that time of the year when new winds roll and it rains like... well, let's not talk about that. In the traditional way, Helsingin Reilukerho ry & co is organizining Octoment for the new students! Along the party with HTO ry are TXO ry, HIV ry and Soffa ry.

Some might be saying something about "freshmen party" but we don't do anything like that. This is Octoment! The Häppening is on 11th of February, starting from the Bulevardi Campus at 4pm and ends in the Ruttopuisto at 8pm.

Octoment is open to every new student in Metropolia who started this spring. The event itself is free and the METKA's "Ensi-ilta"-party will function as the official after party. Tickets to the after party will be available soon.

Your mission is to go around bars at Central Helsinki area doing tasks at each checkpoints. Each team will get one hint per bar and try to find the checkpoint according to the hint. Before going to a checkpoint you have to buy a drink from the bar (soda or water is fine so you don't have to drink alcohol). You'll get points depending on how well you did the task that was given to you. Tursajaiset will end at the final checkpoint where you will get a last change to affect your final score.

Unfortunately, despite all attempts, the Finnish law applies. Even though the Reilukerho has enough humour for a Bajamaja or a stolen traffic sign, we can say with the the experience of old sages that others may not share our humour.

Apply your team in advance:

Pictures from last year's Tursajaiset is available at our picture gallery.

Octoment Facebook Event

Tursajaisten loppurasti syksyltä 2011


HIMOS 2015 - Technology and care on the slopes of the Finnish alps!

Technology and care on the slopes of the Finnish alps!
The spring has arrived with a flourish of snow and you know what that means! It's time for the traditional Himos Ski-Trip, organized in co-operation by your's truly; HTO ry and TXO ry.

The whole trip costs 29€ including the round-trip by bus, a breakfast and the lift ticket to the slopes. If you want to attend but don’t need the lift ticket you can attend for 11 € including the round-trip by bus and a tasty breakfast.

Apply for this trip via

Facebook Event:

- The bus leaves from Helsinki at 07:30
- The bus leaves from Himos at 18:30
- The bus will be back in Helsinki between 22:00 - 23:00



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