You don't sleep in September, when the LiskoDisco overtakes Club Capital. The event is also the afterparty for HTO's freshmen event Tursajaiset (Octoment).

It's going to be a wild evening! There will be competitions and the winners will be rewarded.

What? LiskoDisco
Where? Club Capitalissa
When? Thursday 22nd of September from 9 p.m. onwards
Dresscode? Student overalls

Ticket prices are 3€ in advance and 5€ from the door.

You can also by a mobile ticket from!/events/088f8f96-2058-4611-8e99-f54720b828ea

LiskoDisco -juliste


Esileikki 31.8.2016

The Department of National Well-being announces:
HTO ry presents the traditional, the most amazing and the dirtiest Esileikki party on the 31st of August at Club Capital.

Naturally, the theme of the party is "a little naughty" and the best costume of the night will be awarded! There will also be more (in)appropriate competitions that suit the theme of the party.

What: Esileikki
Where: Club Capital
When: 31st of August at 9 p.m.
Why: because we can
Dresscode: little bit naughty and/or overalls or just like you want
Cost: 2€ in advance and 4€ from the door (prices does not include cloakroom fee). E-tickets from costs 2.5€.

Tickets are available (as long as we have them) from:
- HTO ry (Bulevardi)

E-tickets are available at:!/events/447b1d0c-d35e-4f73-aae4-8c106e0c8896


Metropolian Wiikon Wappu 2016

Has the summer arrived in the middle of the winter? Nah, it's just the Spring trying to push through but tomorrow it's going to snow more for sure. But while it lasts and the terraces are warm, it's best to start celebrating May Day well ahead. Metropolia's Wiikon Wappu is just the thing!

Read more below or from the Facebook event and sign up for the party:

VBrace yourselves, Vappu (Mayday) is coming! METKA and the student associations organizes together the 9-days lasting Wappu spectacle!

Wiikon Wappu begins by METKA’s coverall badge sewing where you can collect your own Wappu-pass and get an easy start to the Wappu week by sewing some badges with good company and sitting down loose. Wappu continues with different and super awesome events during the week. The Wappu will culminate to the main event in Kaisaniemi!

You don’t want to miss the adventure and the quest for METKA’s Wappu badge, don’t you? Return your Wappu-pass to the main event with at least 7 stamps out of 8 to obtain the most envied Wappu badge!

Wappu-pass costs 9 € without and 14 € with pizza in Darrapizzi event by UIO. Tikkurila Pub crawl costs 5€ (inc. overall patch).

Facebook event:


Valurauta 16.3.2016


Are you tired of all the club music and want something heavier? The answer to your problem is Valurauta at Bar Bäkkäri! Valurauta is an event for all you metal loving people with three live bands playing. So come and drink some beer and enjoy live metal music.

Edit: Unfortunately Falling From Grace had to cancel their participation to the event so Circus Necropolis will be replacing them!

ON stage:
22.00 Rätäk
23.00 Circus Necropolis
00.00 Cauldron of Hate

In advance 4€; from door 5€; 4.5€!/events/a5d9b565-8f0f-4a15-9ec7-015662f05ce6

Facebook Event:


Lost Your MeMOry Goes Wild West

Lost Your MeMOry Goes Wild West

TDo you wanna party with the handsome sheriffs, naughty outlaws or wild indians? Wanna escape from the cold winter and travel in the middle of hot prairie?

Welcome to MeMO ry's Lost Your MeMOry party in the Wild West. It's going to be a wild evening! There will be competitions and the winners will be rewarded. Party badge is given for the fastest comers, so better be on time! ;)

Dresscode? Overalls/Wild West
What? Lost Your MeMOry party
Where? The Tiger, Wild West
When? Thursday 18.2.2015
At the time of? 21 o'clock

Tickets are avaialble at the HTO ry's office and at as a e-ticket!

Facebook Event:

This Event is the official after party for HTO's Tursajaiset (Octoment)!


Tursajaiset (Octoment) 18th of February

HTO ry is organizining Tursajaiset (or Octoment in English) for the new students on Thursday 18th of February from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Octoment event is open for every new student in Metropolia UAS who have started their studies spring.

The idea is to compete against other teams by finding bars in the Central Helsinki Area according to the hints you get at the starting place. At each bar you get a task which you have to complete with your team. Best team will be rewarded at MeMO's Lost Your MeMOry after party!

More information along with registration is available at

Tursajaisten loppurasti syksyltä 2011
Final checkpoint at the Octoment event which was held in Autumn 2011


Uusien pulkkamäki 2016

The winter is at it's best so it's time for the legendary freshmen sledding hill day organized by HTO ry and MeMO ry. We welcome all the students of Metropolia and everyone with a student mind to join us on this great day!

So grab your sled/slider/plastic bag/stiga/or just yourself and your friends and head to Sinebrychof park. Afternoon will be spent having great time with some amazing people! There will also be competitions and other activities during the evening.

After-ski is presented by Trombi ry's and Lato ry's Traffic Light Party!

Get some sledding spirit and hit the slope!!!!!


HIMOS 2016 ski trip

Himos 2016

Technology and care on the slopes of the Finnish alps!

After long and dark autum, came spring and lots of snow. It means that the best skiing event of the year is here! HTO ry accompanied by TXO ry and HIV ry invites you to join us for a skiing trip to HIMOS!

This trip takes place on 5th of February 2016 and bus leaves from Helsinki around 7 a.m.

How much does this fun costs?
For 35€ you get a two-way bus ticket, a healthy breakfast and a 1-day ski pass. If you don’t need the ski pass then you can get the bus trip and the breakfast for 17€.

Facebook event:

The event is non-alcoholic!

Registration is open at


Esileikki 13th of January 2016

Esileikki 2016 spring

HTO ry presents the traditional Esileikki party in cooperation with HIV ry, TXO ry, and Soffa ry on the 13th of January at Club Capital.

Naturally, the theme of the party is "a little naughty" and the best costume of the night will be awarded! There will also be more (in)appropriate competitions that suit the theme of the party.

Facebook Event: nettiliput:!/events/d2a72310-f039-454b-8194-55283ad1e678/variants

What: Esileikki
Where: Club Capital
When: 13th of January at 9 p.m.
Why: because we can
Dress: little bit naughty and/or overalls
Cost: 2€ in advance and 4€ from the door. E-tickets from costs 2.5€.
(Prices doesn't include cloakroom fee)

Tickets are available from:
- HTO ry (Bulevardi)
- TXO ry (Tukholmankatu)
- Lepo ry (Leppävaara)
- HIV ry (Viertotie & Mannerheimintie)
- MeMO ry (Myyrmäki)
- Agu ry (Agricolankatu)
- Soffa ry (Sofianlehdonkatu)


The board of 2016 has organized

Hei rakkaat tontut! Bästa passagerare! Dear passengers!

Our dear Ministry of Love has organized and the board is as follows:

  • Mikko Haapanen: Chairman
  • Janne Summanen: Vice Chairman, Master of Coin
  • Veli-Matti Wirta: Vice Chairman
  • Suvi Savilaakso: Secretary, Clubs, Flag Guardian
  • Larri Myllymäki: Excursions, Overalls
  • Helmi Hämeri: Student Advocate, Tutoring
  • Raimo Veijalainen: Parties and Culture, Flag Guardian
  • Tero Hakala: Sports, Internationality, Parties and Culture
  • Mikko Pietikäinen: Sports, Parties and Culture, Toru-responsible
  • Toni Kaija: Member Registry, ICT and Spokesman
  • Reetta Julkunen: Megoras, Sitsi Responsible (aka. Sitsiqing)

We wish all the best for the board of 2016!



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